What to do with your hair when it’s hot?

What to do with your hair when it's hot?

What to do with your hair when it’s hot?

I know, this summer period can be difficult for the hair. High heat and pollution have the annoying tendency to weigh them down, grease them and dry out the tips. DESSANGE gives you some tips to keep hair on top, even during a heat wave!

We choose the right shampoo

To (re) balance the scalp, nothing like Violet Ginseng Shampoo. This aquatic plant known for its energizing, balancing and antioxidant properties, along with green clay and peppermint essential oil, will help eliminate excess sebum and revitalize the hair. These are fresh and light!

… and the right hairstyle

Rule of thumb when it’s hot, clear the back of your neck! And for all those who wish to adopt a less radical solution than the short haircut, there are plenty of other alternatives:

The Bun

Source: monvanityideal.com

The high ponytail

Source: etsy.com

The braid

Source: archzine.fr

The scarf

Source: renovstair.com

We hydrate your tips

On wrung-out lengths before styling, or as a finish on dry hair. This will protect the hair from breakage during periods of heat and give it extra strength and shine.

We protect our hair

After each shampoo, the multi-protective veil with desert date oil will be the essential ally during sun exposure. Its formula, also enriched with seaside plant extracts, offers a natural touch to the hair and protects it from drying out. It also contains a sun filter allowing the hair to remain soft and shiny even after exposure.

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