what to know before taking the plunge

what to know before taking the plunge

what to know before taking the plunge

We’ve all heard of it, without necessarily daring to take the plunge. Brazilian straightening makes a very attractive promise to all brushing enthusiasts: to have smooth hair for several weeks and visibly healthier. So who is it for? Does it really work? How much does it cost ? And above all, how to maintain it? We make a full point on this hairstyle trend which is back on the front of the stage with the arrival of the summer season.

What exactly is Brazilian straightening?

As the name suggests, it is a technique that was developed in Brazil A few years ago. By dint of straightening or brushing, Brazilians found themselves with a brittle, dull, or even burnt hair. And this is where Brazilian straightening gets interesting: he doesn’t just straighten, quite the contrary.

This is a deep treatment since we come inject keratin directly into the hair fiber. The formula is based on nanokeratin (small molecules of keratin) which copies the natural composition of the hair. the mixture is applied strand by strand, on full-length. We activate our penetration with straightening plates (approximately 3 or 4 passes per strand).

This hair technique requires one to two hours of work, depending on the type of hair. In the end, the hair is brighter, healthier, strengthened : the fiber takes up material. Colored hair has more shine, frizz disappears and the hairstyle overall much better resistance to humidity.

All this thanks to the keratin which has a weighting effect on the fiber, without a “greasy” side. It is softened by about 30% but not stiff, unlike straightening.

For what type of hair ?

Ultimately, this hair technique therefore makes it possible to spend two or even three times less time straightening your hair. Because, do not dream, it is not a magic wand: one does not find with the hairstyle of Jenifer Aniston until the end of his days. It must of course be maintained. And fortunately, there are many products for Brazilian straightening.

In general, this styling technique is particularly suitable for brushing addicts. We spend less time smoothing and therefore heating the fiber. Those who have colored hair and therefore perhaps porous and damaged will be delighted with the reviving effects of this keratin treatment.

It is also perfect for people with curly hair who want give style to their curls. The hair being heavier, the crimp is better defined and more shiny. And finally, and it is not Kim Kardashian who would tell us the opposite, it is perfect for all those who dream of permanently taming their frizz!

Approved technique or not?

Reading the testimonials on the internet, we realize one thing: it is essential to choose a hairdresser specialized in the field. Or at least who has passed a training and already has several Brazilian smoothing to his actif. Without this, we risk ending up with a hair in very bad condition and difficult to catch up afterwards!

To choose your hairdresser specialized in Brazilian straightening, you can rely on a few clues. First of all: the word of mouth. This is especially valid if you live in a small town. In Paris, it will rather work by district. feel free to do some research on the net. Read the comments and ask about Facebook self-help groups such as Wanted Paris for example.

Something else : take a look at the prices. Brazilian straightening is a sophisticated technique that requires equipment and a blend of quality keratin. Not to mention the technique of your hairdresser. All of this at a cost. Generally speaking, this goes from 200 € to 600 € depending on the nature of your hair. If a professional offers you a broken price, above all, run away!

How to maintain your Brazilian straightening?

After your visit to the hairdresser, you have to wait 3 days before you can wash your hair, tie it up, or wear a hat or cap. Why ? Because keratin continues to attach to our hair fiber. She must therefore be able to do it without being disturbed. Be patient: the effects of your Brazilian straightening will last even longer.

Similarly, we then adopt a sulfate-free shampoo. Quite simply, because this ingredient makes keratin go. To choose it, look at the composition label. Also, especially with the summer period, avoid doing your Brazilian straightening before going on vacation by the sea. Keratin doesn’t like salt and UV too much. Better to indulge yourself in this little treat before the start of the September school year!

And finally, we know that kits for performing Brazilian straightening at home are starting to be marketed. But the editors don’t really recommend them if you’re home alone. Because it requires special dexterity and speed to penetrate the treatment using the plates. Frankly it seems to us a little complicated to twist to get to properly smooth the locks at the back of our head.

Convinced? Hesitant? Or, already a follower? Come tell us about it on our forum Beauty !

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