Which bangs are right for your forehead?

Which bangs are right for your forehead?

Which bangs are right for your forehead?

The bangs are the eternal hairstyle subject. Returning regularly to the heart of trends, we have all been tempted to try it at some point. If the bangs allow us to change your head easily, it requires adapting to the nature of the hair, the shape of the face but also and above all, the forehead. DESSANGE gives you advice on how to adopt the bangs you need.

The short bangs

Short bangs are bangs that sit at the bottom, above the eyebrows. It may be even shorter (or even at the front edge of the hair) depending on the style you want to bring to your cut and your body type. It’s the most daring bangs style, affirming the personality of the wearer. The short bangs are particularly suitable for high fronts since it will rebalance the silhouette of the face.

The mid-length bangs

The mid-length bangs (at the level of the eyebrows) will be perfect on a wide forehead. She can stand up straight but it will also be easy to him give movement by thinning it so as not to make it look too heavy on the face. The mid-length bangs are also often similar to a large wick that it is easy to place on the side.

The long bangs

Long, airy bangs (below the eyebrows) are recommended for small fronts. The advantage of long bangs if you start them from high enough is that they will create the illusion of a bigger forehead, thus making it possible to lengthen the face.

The unstructured fringe

Very trendy at the moment, the unstructured bangs are imperfect. It is worn with several lengths slightly hatched. The advantage of this fringe is that it adapts to all foreheads!

The curtain fringe

There too, a quite versatile bangs that it is easy to adapt according to the needs and desires of each one. More or less thick, more or less long, which starts from more or less high … It is a fringe easy going that requires little maintenance compared to others.

Do not hesitate to discuss your fringe desires with your DESSANGE expert before taking action! Only he will be able to advise you on the fringe adapted to your desires, your type of hair and your morphology.

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