Which blond balayage to choose?

Which blond balayage to choose?

Which blond balayage to choose?

The blond sweep is a dream, it illuminates the face and gives relief to all hair. This partial (de) coloring technique offers a return from vacation effect that appeals to more and more women. To take full advantage of the benefits of balayage, you choose it carefully to create true harmony and wake up your complexion. Your DESSANGE hairdresser will advise you on the different shades of blonde and give you his professional secrets to make the right choice.

Which blond balayage to choose?

Blond balayage is a partial coloring technique that aims to bring light to your hair through shades of blonde. There are several scanning techniques. A quick overview of the trendiest:

  • the babylight sweep that awakens clear natural bases
  • the sweep painting which brings light in small touches
  • the shaded scan which reinforces a contrasting effect between the roots and the ends by lightening the lengths little by little
  • the contouring sweep which plays on the shadows and lights of the face to structure it
  • the Californian sweep who brings a solar and natural result for a “return from vacation” effect. The hair is lightened by melting the strands in a very natural way

Balayage blond, the different shades

The advantage of scanning is that the result remains natural thanks to the highlights and highlights that blend into the hair.

With its clear and golden reflections, the honey sweep gives an air of return from vacation. Ideal for giving pep to a slightly dull blonde, it is particularly suited to mat complexions.

the caramel blonde balayage is ideal for tanned skin tones and slightly darker hair colors. With its golden, copper or hazelnut highlights, this balayage brings a lot of dimension and relief to the hair.

the ash blonde balayage plays on the cold reflections and brings shine to the hair. It is an ashy coloring to which we add a few sunny strands. It gently illuminates the face.

To bring light to the hair without radically changing color, opt for the Californian blonde. This one focuses on the lengths and ends which are lightened by two shades and blended into the base color for a very luminous and completely natural effect.

the polar blonde balayage is an extreme blond, almost white. Ideal for the lightest and coldest skin tones, it softens facial features and brightens the complexion.

the silver blonde balayage is a sweep that draws on the gray. Very trendy, it is obtained by lightly bleaching the base and adding patinated light gray reflections of cold, pastel or metallic reflections on the lengths and ends.

Halfway between a blond and a light brown, the dark blonde balayage is easy to wear in any season whatever your style.

To perfect your balayage, regardless of its shade, you can ask your DESSANGE hairdresser to make it “sculpting”. To do this, it will play on the width of the wicks. He frames your face with two lighter strands and intensifies the highlights on the tips. This technique allows you to encompass the face so as to play with shadows and light to give it a more defined appearance.

To maximize the luminous effect of balayage, keep your hair healthy. These should be flexible and shiny.

Which blond balayage for which complexion?

If your complexion is matte or darker, choose highlights with warm, golden highlights such as honey balayage or caramel balayage. If you have a cold complexion, then this is a balayage with cold undertones that you will need. The golden rule in blond balayage: choose the shade of your locks according to the undertones of your skin.

Blond balayage for fair skin

If you have a fair complexion, fair eyes, and tend to blush in the sun, you probably have a cold complexion. In that case, go for the highlights with cool undertones in order to maintain a beautiful harmony between your complexion and your hair.

For example, you can opt for ash blonde or polar blonde balayage, which offers a lot of character. Be careful, however, of shades that are too hot, which will tend to bring out the redness of your complexion.

Blond balayage for dark skin

If you have golden skin and you tan easily, you probably have a warm complexion. You can then opt for balayage with golden undertones such as honey blonde or golden blonde.. Caramel highlights also look great on dark complexions. They illuminate your face and allow you to maintain a harmonious look.

Ash highlights should be taken with care, as they may tarnish matte skin tones and copper highlights that could give you an orange complexion.

Blond balayage for dark skin

If you have black or mixed skin, you know that bleaching is not recommended on frizzy hair, otherwise it will be permanently damaged. If your hair is short, however, you can indulge yourself in sweeps that appear white.

If you still doubt the shade to adopt, know that the Californian sweep sublimates all skin tones. Do not hesitate to make an appointment in your DESSANGE hairdressing salon so that a professional can advise and assist you in your choice.

Choose your balayage according to your base color

Blond balayage is ideal for partially and naturally lightening blonde hair, but do not lighten your strands more than two shades of your base color.

Dark blondes, such as Venetian blond or ash blonde, can turn to a honey balayage for a natural look. Real blondes can afford anything. The more daring will opt for shades pulling on white such as polar blonde balayage.

Brown hair often lacks brightness. Blond sweeping can be a good solution to bring luminous reflections to the whole of the hair. Be careful, however, not to choose a shade that is too light. Prefer warm nuances such as caramel or copper.

How to take care of her blonde balayage?

Like any staining or discoloration, sweeping requires maintenance. So that it does not lose its shine, be sure to treat your hair. To do this, prepare a restorative hair care routine consisting of treatments for swept and / or colored hair and regularly apply deeper nourishing treatments such as masks, or even dry oils to fight against the porosity of the hair.

The blonde balayage looks great on wavy hair, So leave your straightening iron aside and try to dry in the open air as much as possible..

If poorly maintained, your blonde can turn yellow. To avoid this, perform anti-yellowing care once a week. Thanks to their blue and purple pigments, these treatments neutralize the yellowing of blond hair.

The advantage of sweeping is that it does not need to be taken from the root. To maintain it, you can go to your DESSANGE salon, every 3 to 4 months.

Natural and discreet, blonde balayage is the least aggressive technique, which offers the most natural result. This is the ideal technique for giving your hair a nice boost while adding volume to any hair texture.

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