Which blond to adopt this winter?

Which blond to adopt this winter?

Which blond to adopt this winter?

Iconic color, blond is THE color that most unleashes fantasies.

Elegant, innocent or sexy, blond comes in several shades: platinum, gold, ash,… There is something for everyone!
However, it is not necessarily easy to find the color suited to your style and skin tone.

DESSANGE gives you all its advice to make the right choice and find THE blonde who will highlight you.

Golden blonde

Golden blonde is made up of warm, bright undertones that are sure to give you a healthy glow. It is a color accessible to all hair because it is natural: the golden blonde aims to reproduce the color that the sun gives to dark blonde or light brown hair.
It is best not to start this blonde at the root, but rather blend it with the base color for an even more natural effect.

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For who ?

Hallelujah! Whether you are blonde, brunette or chestnut, golden blonde is probably the only shade of blonde that suits all skin tones.
Unlike lighter blondes, it looks great on women with dark skin and dark eyes. Even brunettes can make it their own, as long as it’s stranded or balayage, for a natural look.

Ash blonde

Halfway between golden blonde and dark blonde, ash blonde is a shade of blonde with cool highlights. Although ash blonde can draw towards gray, it is nonetheless very elegant and timeless.

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For who ?

Ash blonde goes perfectly with pale skin tones and highlights light eyes. On the other hand, this shade of blonde is not really suitable for dark skin.
It is also to be avoided if you have marked dark circles, because it dulls the complexion and the face.

Ash blonde is perfect for those who want to go blonde while focusing on discretion.

Platinum blonde

Also called “polar blonde”, platinum blonde is a very light blonde, almost white.
If you are looking for a rock’n roll look, and you have a fair complexion, platinum blonde is for you!

Photo source: www.archzine.fr

For who ?

You have to be aware of this, platinum blonde is not for everyone!
Many factors must be taken into consideration so that the result is as aesthetic as possible, such as the color or type of your hair, the complexion of your skin or the color of your eyes and eyebrows.

The natural color of blonde hair is also important. Indeed, if your hair is rather golden at the origin, it will be difficult to obtain a white blonde. For a very light blonde, the ideal is therefore to have an ashy base. Therefore, we advise you to avoid going platinum blonde if your hair is brown, dark chestnut or black as your base will be too far away from the color you want to achieve. You risk damaging your hair fiber because of the successive discolorations that will be necessary.

Logically, platinum blonde will be easier to wear on fair hair and a pale complexion. Brunettes with a dark complexion can try it, but the style will be different.


Balayage is a light shoot that brightens and illuminates hair. Its objective is to reproduce the effects of the sun and to bring nuances to the lengths. This discreet coloring technique blends naturally into the original color and allows a lasting boost to sublimate the hair with subtlety. Balayage is the perfect solution for warming up a dull color.

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For who ?

Good news ! No matter your hair color, natural or colorful, blonde, brunette or redhead, balayage is suitable for everyone. It is also ideal for a smooth transition to blonde.

Note that there are many derivatives of this coloring technique:

– The tie and dye : we bleach the lengths so that the ends are much lighter than the roots.

– Ombre hair: it’s a gradient of three different colors. The roots are dark, the lengths are colored with an intermediate color and the tips are lighter.

– The dark hair : the original color is lightened with a muted, faded finish that gives the illusion of natural lightening.

– The reverse sweep : only the strands below are lightened in order to accentuate the shade or the light and thus create contrasts in the hair.

To sum up, whether you dream of a Californian blonde balayage or a platinum blonde, our advice will be the same: go into your Salon Dessange!
Only he will be able to create your tailor-made blond according to the color of your eyes and your complexion since, as you will have understood, becoming blonde requires expert work for a natural, harmonious and personalized result.

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