Which blush for which skin tone?

Which blush for which skin tone?

Which blush for which skin tone?

Unlike lipsticks or eye shadows, the blush is not chosen at the stroke of heart but rather according to your complexion. Indeed, a wrong color of blush can quickly ruin your makeup and give you a superficial look. In order not to make a mistake, and to choose the shade that suits you, you must start with analyze the color of your complexion. How not to be mistaken? It’s simple, the ideal blush will be the one that comes closest to the natural color of your cheeks when you blush.

What color of blush for fair skin?

If your complexion and your hair is light (blonde or brown hair) then the best is to opt for soft, rosy blushes. The rosy colors bring freshness to the face in a very natural way. On the other hand, forget the golden blushes which will bring an artificial effect to your makeup.

What color of blush for dark to dark skin?

The dark skin will be sublimated by blushes with orange tones, like apricot, which will illuminate the complexion.

The black and mixed skin will move towards darker blushes like fuchsia or plum.

What gestures to adopt for a perfect application?

The trick to flawless makeup is to wear a blush to match your lipstick. If you decide to wear a dark shade on the lips, go for a brown or burgundy blush. Pink or red lipsticks will be sublimated by a blush whose shade is pink.

For the application itself, use a sponge (for liquid blushes) or a big brush (for powder blushes). Blushes in cream form can be applied with a medium brush. Be careful, however, not to take too much material, otherwise you will quickly look like a clown!

The blush still applies after making up your complexion (foundation, mattifying powder etc.)

In order not to go wrong during the application, follow the shape of your face and drop the color on your cheekbones. If you want to slightly refine your face, apply your blush to the bone of your cheeks to make them stand out.

  • For liquid blushes: apply two points of blush on the bones of your cheeks then pat lightly with a sponge.
  • For powder blushes: gently tap your brush in the powder, remove the excess then apply the powder in circular motions.
  • For cream blushes: apply the blush using a flat brush or a sponge before blending in the cream in circular motions, outside towards the center of your cheeks.

What kind of blush for what type of skin?

The color of your blush isn’t everything. If the texture of it does not match your skin type, the rendering may not be optimal. Indeed, if your skin is very dry, prefer them cream blushes or liquids that will not dry out your skin. Conversely, if you have the oily skin, forget about cream or liquid blushes which provide a shinier finish and accentuate the oily and shiny effect on your skin. Then opt for blushes in powder form. If your skin is combination, the choice is yours! You can afford all the textures.

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