which brush for which use?

which brush for which use?

which brush for which use?

The balance of makeup lies in the choice of brushes. Whether you want a sleek complexion, intense gaze or full lips, the secret lies in makeup brush selection, here is a list of essential brushes that every woman could use!


> The concealer brush : it’s a flat brush that targets the areas you want to cover. The large flat DESSANGE brush will be perfect for concealing imperfections on your skin. Apply your concealer or concealer to this brush and you’re done.

> The foundation brush : flat and well supplied, this brush will help you to homogenize the material. Use, for example, our DESSANGE foundation brush with its rounded tip made of high quality synthetic bristles. Thanks to its flat shape, it allows fluid foundations and creams to be applied evenly, without streak or demarcation, for a perfectly smooth complexion.

> The powder brush : like our DESSANGE crystal powder brush, this large brush is ideal for applying your powder and blending it on the desired parts of your face and neck.

> The blush brush : thinner for more precision, this brush allows you to sculpt the cheekbones for a natural and subtle result. Use the DESSANGE blush brush to target areas of your face and enhance your complexion!


> The blending brush : for well-made-up eyes, you must use a blending brush. The DESSANGE brush allows to blend the eyeshadows and thus to homogenize the material on the eyelid.

> The flat brush : the small flat DESSANGE brush will help you apply the eyeshadow right into the crease of the eyelid. This brush is ideal and easy to use. Its precision also makes it possible to draw a line flush with the eyelashes.

> The eye shadow brush : the DESSANGE eye shadow brush in high quality natural bristles, thanks to its rounded shape, allows you to apply powder or cream shadows easily, quickly and evenly.

> The beveled brush and bottle brush : this cylindrical brush is used to style the eyebrows and eyelashes, to separate them and remove excess material. Ultra thin, the angled brush and bottle brush from DESSANGE will help you harmonize your look in the blink of an eye!


Opt for a very fine brush to precisely draw the outline of your lips then fill in with the color.

After use, never forget to clean your brushes well to prolong their life but also to take care of your skin. Our advice : Use baby shampoo or mild soap. Emulsify then rinse your brush. Let dry on a towel flat so that the bristles of the brush do not get tangled between them.

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