which hair routine to adopt?

which hair routine to adopt?

which hair routine to adopt?

As we know, it is recommended not to wash your hair too often. Only on vacation, it can quickly become a nightmare to keep clean hair when bathing in the sea, chlorine and the sun punctuate our days. DESSANGE gives you his advice to make the most of the summer without damaging your hair.

Rinse your hair with clean water

To avoid irritation and remove any residue of cream, oil and salt, it is essential to rinse your hair after each swim. No shampoo needed, fresh water is enough! If you don’t want to wait until you get home from the beach to rinse your hair, consider bringing a small bottle of water with you.

Use a mild shampoo

Every two days (maximum) you can wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Generally formulated with fewer treating agents than shampoos specific to your hair type, mild shampoos allow you to clean the scalp in depth without damaging it. On vacation, use PHYTODESS Ximénia Shampoo, developed for frequent use. Its “gel-cream” texture moisturizes the hair fiber on a daily basis. Thus, the hair is soft, light, easy to disentangle and radiant with vitality, even after multiple swimming or sunbathing!

Nourish your hair with masks

To keep hair healthy throughout the summer, you must first of all think about moisturizing and nourishing it. To compensate for the dryness of the hair fiber linked to external influences, apply the SYMBIO SUN Desert Date Oil Mask once or twice a week. Ideal for restoring the original beauty of hair weakened by exposure, this mask enriched with desert date oil restores softness and strength to the hair. Nourished and hydrated, the hair is shiny and silky, its color is preserved.

Strengthen your hair with food supplements

To face the summer in all serenity, opt for Food supplements hair and nails, minerals, brewer’s yeast, vitamins, amino acids and pumpkin seed oil. Rich in nutrients including zinc which contributes to the maintenance of normal hair and nails, they will help you strengthen, stimulate and illuminate your hair even in summer.

Last tip: to avoid the “greasy” effect between two shampoos / rinses, spray a few sprays of Dry Shampoo on your roots. Its formula will absorb excess sebum without wetting the hair, and will allow them to regain freshness and lightness.

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