Which mascara for your eyelashes?

Which mascara for your eyelashes?

Which mascara for your eyelashes?

Fine, clear, short, drooping … Just like the hair, our nature of eyelashes does not always completely satisfy us. However, with the compulsory wearing of the mask, the gaze is enhanced more than ever! The mascara therefore became naturally the essential make-up of all women. Discover the DESSANGE advice for adopting the mascara that will know perfectly highlight your look.

You have thin eyelashes

To give thick eyelashes that are too thin, choose a volume effect mascara. Thanks to its curved brush, you can work the lashes in several layers, catching them at the root and spreading the material by lateral and zig-zag movements to avoid clumps.

You have clear eyelashes

This is often the case with real redheads or blondes … Like their hair, their eyelashes can be very clear and thus seem non-existent. Fortunately, the coloring mascaras will give them back in a brush, the intensity they deserve for a hypnotic gaze.

You have short eyelashes

Favor them lengthening mascaras to extend your lashes to the extreme. Insist on the curving movement when applying while making sure to take off the lashes one by one. We generally recommend and more particularly for short eyelashes to do not apply mascara on the lower lashes, under penalty of weighing down the gaze.

You have straight or droopy eyelashes

The key to shapely eyelashes? The eyelash curler. Although its use may scare some, it is actually very simple and safe (provided you use it BEFORE your mascara and prevent your eyelashes from sticking to the eyelash curler). To do this, take your eyelashes at the root and pinch them for a few seconds using the eyelash curler. Then apply your mascara in a natural way to expand them and reassemble them.

You want to spice up your eyes

Why not try the color mascara ? Plum, brown, blue, green… There is something for all tastes and all iris colors! the plum and purple will enhance the green to brown eyes. As to Brown eyes, they will be further enhanced by indigo or electric blue. Finally, the blue eyes will never be as well presented as with a black mascara. However, the more daring can be tempted by brown shades.

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