Which skincare routine for your face?

Which skincare routine for your face?

Which skincare routine for your face?

With l’winter and everyday aggressions, the complexion darkens and a few pimples begin to appear at the tip of their nose. So, to find a smooth and radiant skin, there is no secret: it is a complete face care routine adapted to your skin you need !

Which skincare routine for your face?

A facial skincare routine is a essential regular ritual to guarantee the beauty and good health of your skin. To be carried out daily (with the exception of one or two steps) your routine should include:

  • a makeup remover
  • a cleanser
  • a exfoliating
  • a mask
  • a serum
  • a moisturizer
  • A sunscreen

Makeup remover

A good facial skincare routine begins with a good make-up removal. It must be dailyeven on days when you don’t wear makeup. Indeed, the make-up remover allows get rid of all impurities accumulated on the skin during the day: pollution, wind, perspiration … It is therefore an essential gesture!

Choose your product according to your skin type:

  • Oily skin will choose micellar water for its light texture.
  • Dry skin will prefer cleansing milks or oils, with smoother and more moisturizing textures.

The cleanser

Once your skin is free of all traces of makeup, you will need to clean it with a face cleanser, again suitable for your skin type. This step of your facial skincare routine allows you to completely purify it, and thus prevent recurring skin problems from setting in. Foam, liquid soap, washing cream … Choose from among the many textures available !


After cleaning your face, you can do a deeper washing to rid your skin of all dead cells. Please note, this step of your facial skincare routine is not to be carried out daily but one to twice a week maximum, so as not to attack your skin.

The mask

There are a multitude of masks on the market. Adapt it to the needs of your skin : hydration, anti-stain, purifying, soothing … Just like the exfoliant, this step of your beauty care routine is to do once or twice a week. Leave your mask on for the time indicated for an in-depth treatment.

The mask is an essential step for restore radiance to your skin, especially if you have a real problem.


The lotion is the final touch of the cleanse. To be done every day morning and evening, this step of your facial skincare routine allows you to rid the skin of the last impurities, traces of limestone that attack the face, or, of excess sebum produced overnight.

There too, there are many different lotions according to your needs: soothing, tonic, perfecting … You just need to apply the one that suits you. with a cotton pad, without rubbing so as not to irritate your skin. The skin is therefore ready to receive the most targeted treatments that will follow.


The serum is a treatment that is applied just before its moisturizer (or mixed with it). If a few years ago, serums were only intended for mature skin, today there is a wide variety.

The serum has a very specific action : hydration, anti-dark spot, radiance, acne… This step of your facial skincare routine does not replace your moisturizer but offers additional intensive care.

The moisturizer

Whatever your skin type, you need to hydrate it morning and evening ! Indeed, all skin types, even those with an oily tendency, need hydration to be radiant. It is therefore the basis of your facial skincare routine.

Well hydrated skin is armed to face the attacks of everyday life : pollution, wind, cold …

Choose the texture of your moisturizer according to your needs:

  • The dry skin particularly appreciates nourishing creams or oils that provide a lot of comfort.
  • The combination skin will turn to more fluid textures and light to rebalance the epidermis, hydrating it without suffocating it.
  • The oily skin also must be hydrated! Go for a gel that will hydrate deeply your skin, without providing the greasy effect of certain very rich creams.

Sun protection

We tend to forget it, but protecting your skin from the sun is essential to preserve the radiance and health of his skin as long as possible. Indeed, the sun plays a large part in the premature aging of the skin. So apply sun protection factor 20 daily, even if you are not in direct sunlight.

How to choose the products for your facial skincare routine?

The products in your facial skincare routine must imperatively be adapted to your skin and its needs.

To know your skin type, observe it:

  • If your face is constantly shiny, your skin is probably oily.
  • If your skin is thin, sensitive, and usually tight after you shower, you probably have dry skin.
  • If your skin is uniform, soft, smooth and without too many blemishes, your skin type is said to be normal.
  • If your skin is tight on your cheeks but it is shiny on the T-zone of the face (forehead, nose, chin), your skin is probably combination.

Finally, be patient! It will be necessary maintain your facial skincare routine for the long haul so that the actives take effect, that your skin regenerates and so you can see the benefits of this complete routine.

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