Who Is The Best Beauty Blogger?

Who Is The Best Beauty Blogger?

8 Beauty bloggers you should be following

  • PixiWoo – Pixiwoo.com. …
  • Lisa Eldridge – Lisaeldridge.com. …
  • Fleur de Force – Fleurdeforce.com. …
  • Estee Lalonde – Esteelalonde.com. …
  • Ruth Crilly – amodelrecommends.com. …
  • Caroline Hirons – Carolinehirons.com. …
  • Really Ree – Reallyree.com. …
  • British Beauty Blogger – Britishbeautyblogger.com.

Who is the most followed makeup brand on Instagram? As of June 2021, Kylie Cosmetics was ranked first as the most popular beauty brand on Instagram with over 25 million followers, and Anastasia Beverly Hills ranked second with 20 million.

Simply so Who is the richest makeup artist?

Huda Kattan’s Net Worth: The Richest Makeup Artist. Huda Kattan is widely known as one of the most popular makeup artists in the world, but how much is she worth? With 48.5 million followers on Instagram, 8.1 million followers on Facebook, and 3.8 million followers on TikTok, 37-year-old Kattan has an extensive reach.

Likewise, Who is the richest beauty guru? 1. Huda Kattan. And the prize for the richest of the beauty influencers goes to Huda Kattan. Since building her billion dollar beauty business over the last few years there’s no surprise she tops the list.

Who is the best makeup artist in the world 2021?

Five international makeup artists you need to follow on Instagram

  • Mary Phillips. maryphillips. 1.5M followers. View profile. maryphillips Verified. …
  • Ariel. makeupbyariel. 2.5M followers. View profile. makeupbyariel Verified. …
  • Hung Vanngo. hungvanngo. 2.7M followers. View profile. …
  • Pat McGrath. patmcgrathreal. 3.9M followers. View profile.

What is the most popular beauty brand?

Brands, Ranked

Rank Brand Instagram Followers
1 Huda Beauty 49.5m
2 M·A·C Cosmetics 24.2m
3 Anastasia Beverly Hills 19.5m
4 Avon 161K

What’s the best makeup brand?

These Are The 25 Best Makeup Brands in 2021

  • Guerlain.
  • Maybelline New York.
  • Clarins.
  • Lancome.
  • L’Oreal.
  • Dior.
  • Estee Lauder.
  • Chanel.

What is the most popular makeup brand?

What are the top 5 cosmetic brands? The top five cosmetic brands are Chanel, Estee Lauder, Dior, L’Oreal, and Lancome. All five brands have a range of luxury makeup that uses advanced technology and premium ingredients to create beautiful products.

Who owns Huda?

Huda Kattan was determined to build a successful business doing what she loved. So with a $6,000 loan from her sister Alya, Kattan turned her beauty blog into a billion-dollar cosmetics brand, Huda Beauty.

Who made Huda Beauty?

Launched by award-winning beauty blogger Huda Kattan in 2013, Huda Beauty is one of the world’s fastest-growing beauty brands. Beginning as a blog in 2010, Huda Beauty has fast become the number 1 Beauty Instagram account in the world with over 26 million followers and counting!

How much is Kylie?

Net Worth. In March 2019, Forbes pegged Kylie Jenner’s net worth at $1 billion and reported that at 21, she was the youngest-ever self-made billionaire after selling 51% of Kylie Cosmetics to beauty business Coty, Inc., for $600 million.

Which country is the best makeup?

The first ranked is Germany with 279 people, France is ranked the third with 109 people, followed by America with 89 people. This results show that the European consumers have better quality images on Japanese products in general including cosmetics than other countries of the West except Germany.

Is Huda makeup good?

Of course, Huda beauty product is one of the best products. The quality is excellent and I honestly haven’t been disappointed with a single one of my purchases so far. Though the eyeshadow palettes, in particular, are on the pricer end of the scale, if you know you’ll use the shades then they’re worth the investment.

Who was the first beauty influencer?

An early pioneer was Michelle Phan, who joined YouTube in 2006. Since then, there have been over 14.6 billion views on beauty-related videos, with an average of 700 million views per month in 2013. In 2015, 45.3 billion views on these YouTube videos were recorded and more than 10 million total beauty subscriber-ships.

Who is the No 1 makeup artist?

Some of the Jury Acclaimed Makeup Artist from Bollywood Industry and Bridal Makeup Artists are Ojas Rajani, Namrata Soni, Parul Garg, Bharat & Dorris, Shaan Mutthathil, Daniel Bauer, Cherag Bambboat, Lekha Gupta, Arti Nayar, Vardan Nayak, Deepak Sawant, Ashok Chandra, Richa Dave, Iza Setia, Yashika Sehgal, Sahil …

Who is the No 1 makeup artist in world?

Bobbi Brown is one of the most well-established makeup artists in the world. She is the CEO of her cosmetics company, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and also The Today Show’s beauty editor.

Who invented makeup?

The first use of prototype cosmetics is usually traced back to the ancient Egyptians; many Egyptian tombs contained makeup canisters and kits. Cleopatra used lipstick that got its hue from ground carmine beetles, while other women used clay mixed with water to color their lips.

Is Kylie’s makeup good?

One high-praise Kylie Cosmetics review reads: “[Kylie’s] brand is very unique and her products are made of high grade ingredients that can enhance your beauty and confidence.” On Sitejabber, Kylie Cosmetics is rated 1.4/5 stars out of 193 reviews, so it’s safe to say the site contains mostly bad ratings.

Which is the most expensive makeup brand?

Chanel gets the crown for being the most expensive and high-quality makeup brand in the world. This well-established brand was founded by Coco Chanel in 1910.

What is the number 1 makeup brand in the world 2021?

Cosmetics 50 2021 Ranking

2021 2020 Name
1 1 L’Oréal
2 2 Gillette
3 3 Nivea
4 6 Guerlain

Which makeup brand is best for teenage girl?

Beauty Brands for the Teen Who Is Just Starting to Wear Makeup

  • of 8. Glossier. Glossier is the cool-girl beauty brand your teenage girl will love to wear. …
  • of 8. E.L.F. …
  • of 8. Dermacol. …
  • of 8. Wet N Wild. …
  • of 8. The Balm. …
  • of 8. Clinique. …
  • of 8. NYX. …
  • of 8.

What is the most expensive makeup brand?

Chanel gets the crown for being the most expensive and high-quality makeup brand in the world. This well-established brand was founded by Coco Chanel in 1910.

What does Huda mean?

Huda (Arabic: هُدى) is a gender neutral name, pronounced: /ˈhʊdə/ (sometimes spelled as Hoda or Houda) which means “right guidance“.

Why is Huda Beauty so expensive?

Huda beauty has some really good products that are worth buying. The reason behind being too expensive is that the name has become one of the renowned brands among the cosmetic. It is the name “Huda” that sells. I think that the product range that Huda has very good quality and it long lasts after applying.

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