Why do I have greasy hair? 7 bad habits to banish

Why do I have greasy hair?  7 bad habits to banish

Why do I have greasy hair? 7 bad habits to banish

Barely 24 hours after your last shampoo, your roots are starting to get greasy, dandruff appears… In short, do you have oily hair? Whether it’s period or whether it’s the nature of your hair, this problem can really become disabling. Especially when we know that we should not wash our hair more than twice a week if we want to keep it healthy. The editorial staff sheds light on your light bulb by explaining to you what triggers the phenomenon of oily hair and above all, how to fight it!

The different causes of oily hair

You know, at The Body Optimist, we give you solutions. But above all, we help you understand where the problem is coming from, so that we can anticipate it in the future. Indeed, under innocuous appearances, certain daily gestures or living conditions contribute to making our hair greasybarely 24 hours after the last shampoo.

here is a list – not exhaustive – of the most common factors :

  • too many shampoos (more than 3 per week)
  • shampoo not suitable to the nature of your hair
  • use of hair dryer too close to your roots
  • brushing too aggressive
  • stressanxiety, outdoor pollution
  • unsuitable diet (too rich in fatty products for example)
  • the fact of touching hair constantly or tying them too often
  • excessive use hairdressing products (hairspray, gel, wax, oil…)

It’s a safe bet that the cause of your oily hair is in this list… Now, let’s take a look at the gestures to ban permanently if you don’t want to have greasy hair all the time.

SOS greasy hair: 7 things you need to stop

1 – Stop chaining shampoos

We understand the logic: your hair is greasy SO you wash it frequently. This is the first mistake. The sebum naturally contained in your hair does not have time to be evacuated. It is attacked by the shampoo and therefore occurs in greater quantities. This is what makes hair greasy. Go little by little, until you no longer do more than 2 shampoos maximum per week. Even if it means tying your hair up in the meantime.

2 – Never clean your hairbrush

It is very good to remove the hair regularly, but it is not enough. By dying, the dead cells that we detach from our skull and which land on our skull become a veritable nest of bacteria.

By never cleaning our hairbrush with soap and water, we allow all this little world to develop quietly and settle on our head every time we brush.

3 – Constantly touching your hair

We dry them, we smooth them, we comb them, we twist them around our fingers, we do hairstyles… Without realizing it, we touch our hair more than a hundred times every day! Break this bad habit and let your hair breathe. Let them air dry and force yourself to touch them as little as possible.

4 – Never moisturize

When you have oily hair, you think it’s not worth adding to it by applying nourishing masks. Big mistake… Our hair fiber needs to be hydrated regularly with a suitable oily hair mask. They are often enriched with green clay, known to absorb excess sebum and therefore the oily hair effect that results.

5 – Never exfoliate or peel

You thought it was only for the face? Well no ! For activate the blood microcirculation of the scalp, stimulate hair growth and evacuate dead cells more easily, you need to do a regular exfoliation or peeling.

We advise you toopt for organic hair products which will attack your scalp less and respect the skin of your skull.

6 – Do not change your pillowcase when washing your hair

Did you know ? Together with the hairbrush, our pillowcase is the second prettiest kingdom for the proliferation of bacteria. Dead cells of the scalp, sebum, bacteria and perspiration settle there shamelessly.

To avoid oily hair, we therefore advise you to change your pillowcase each time you shampoo. Then it’s up to you to see if it has a long-term effect.

7 – Having too heavy a hand on dry shampoo

To space out shampoos, we tell ourselves that our best ally is dry shampoo… In reality, the substances it contains are not ideal. They tend to attack the roots and to protect themselves, they secrete sebum… Hair experts advise not to use it more than once or twice a week and to choose the right dry shampoo, in particular according to the nature of your hair (oily, colored, fine…).

If the problem persists, do not hesitate to consult a dermatologist. We also share our 10 favorite natural products to fight oily hair. And finally, our advice to preserve your scalp.

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