Why do we sometimes have pain in our hair?

Why do we sometimes have pain in our hair?

Why do we sometimes have pain in our hair?

It is a subject which may seem unusual but which nevertheless seems to affect many of us: hair pain. And no, we are not talking here about pain caused by alcohol abuse, but about a very real pain, linked to different situations. DESSANGE takes stock and explains everything to you.

What is the cause of hair pain?

This feeling of discomfort usually manifests itself when the hair is tied high on the head and for a long time. This is explained by the fact that flattened back, the hair receives a strong pressure exerted by the elastic and the capillary mass, which manhandles the hair follicle (cavity in which the hair takes root). When loosening the hair, pain in the scalp and roots may be felt.

But that’s not all ! Hair can also hurt when it gets too greasy. Naturally produced by the sebaceous glands, sebum accumulates in the hair follicle: a fertile ground for the development of yeast (fungi). These can cause redness, itching and scales.
Also, it is important not to overdo the dry shampoo. Its frequent use promotes the accumulation of residues that can clog and suffocate the follicles, and therefore cause pain on the head.

Finally, stress can also be an aggravating factor. It is not uncommon for these hair sensitivities to occur after a tiring or stressful day. Indeed, during a grueling day, without realizing it, we undergo muscular and nervous tension in the skull. This is explained by the presence of numerous innervated muscles in the face and forehead. Result: After hours of stress or fatigue, the tension can be felt right down to the roots of the hair.

What to do ?

First thing to do in case of pain, massage the scalp to restart blood circulation and instantly calm the pain. Leave your hair loose and avoid wearing extensions that weigh heavily on your head.

To relieve the scalp in depth, you can shampoo with detoxifying action. This will allow to erase impurities and styling product residues and will give you a feeling of freshness from the root. Then rinse your hair with cold water to soothe your scalp and close the scales of your hair for maximum shine.

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