will you succumb to this hybrid haircut?

will you succumb to this hybrid haircut?

will you succumb to this hybrid haircut?

It’s impossible not to notice the rise of the hairstyle hashtag #wolfcut on social networks. Do you dare this original cut this summer? Some personalities, like Billie Eilish, have already made it a must! Here’s everything there is to know about this wild cut.

Wolf Cut: what is it? For who ?

Those who read English will have already translated it into French: “wolf cut“. It is actually a daring mix between 2 cuts that have the side: the mullet cut and the shag cut. As you know, the vintage hairstyles are the must have of 2021.

For the wolf cut, we therefore take the long nape of the mule cut and the multi layered gradient of the shag cut. Of course we are free to wear it in different ways : ultra short, mid-length, very marked or, embellished with a fringe. Anyway, the result is always “wild” ! Hence the name chosen to designate this cut …

On the morpho side, it has the advantage of suit all face shapes. On the other hand, it is necessary adapt the gradient. Fine hair will have it little marked in order to keep as much volume as possible. While thick, curly or frizzy hair can really accentuate it. It’s even ideal for working the spring of your curls. Regarding the bangs, the same rule applies as usual: we choose a shape that will highlight our face (depending on the shape of the jaw and forehead).

And because good news never comes alone: ​​the wolf cut is really very easy to comb on a daily basis ! As it plays on the deconstructed effect, you just have to spray a little salt water on your lengths and “wrinkle” your hair. To you the combed-disheveled effect in just one minute! For its part, the gradient does not require a subscription to your hairdresser. On the other hand, if you have opted for bangs, a visit to the salon once every 2 to 3 weeks is ideal for maintaining the shape of the latter.

Inspirations: 14 photos to adopt the wolf cut

Want to take the plunge this summer? here is 14 photos to help you make up your mind !

1 – Luminous blonde

2 – Brown version

3 – Curtain bangs on Billie Eilish

4 – On curly hair

5 – On shoulder-length hair

6 – The boys are doing it too

7 – Light reflections

8 – On very short hair

9 – Lighter locks near the face

10 – All in volume

11 – Curtain bangs and blonde highlights

12 – Long hair and straight bangs

13 – We play with the wicks

14 – Wolf cut “very rock”

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