your hair, beauty, makeup diary

your hair, beauty, makeup diary

your hair, beauty, makeup diary

The last few weeks before the wedding, everything accelerates and a lot of preparations become concrete. It is not the 150 sachets of sugared almonds waiting in a corner of your living room that will contradict us. On the beauty side, it’s also time to take stock of the next big steps.

Notice to future brides : If more than two months still separate you from the big day, this previous article on the bride’s beauty reverse planning is for you.

45 days before

  • Beauty / makeup side

No more losing weight! The final alterations to the dress are perfectly adjusted to your measurements. We stabilize our weight by reducing sugars and starches and favoring fresh fruits and vegetables. Good fat and proteins will, on the other hand, be your allies so as not to lose muscle mass. We accompany this routine with regular physical activity, to evacuate toxins and sport a firm silhouette and healthy.

30 days before

The month before the wedding, it is recommended to cut its tips. This little centimeter less will not be lacking in the bun, but will allow you to sport lengths full of vitality the day after the wedding, when your hair will certainly be let down. Before leaving your DESSANGE salon, make the D-15 appointment for your color.

We make an appointment now in a DESSANGE salon, setting the date in the days preceding the wedding, for a manicure, pedicure and nail polish.

While waiting for the appointment, daily nourish the often over-stressed skin of the hands and feet. DESSANGE Paris moisturizing foot gel-cream comforts, soothes and relieves dry and damaged feet. The skin is softer, more supple and is adorned with a satin finish. The youthful hand moisturizer, a real anti-aging and protective treatment with a gourmet rose-raspberry scent, is enriched with precious active ingredients specially selected to sublimate the hands and reduce the first signs of aging: pigment spots appear lighter and smaller . The hands are soft and velvety without a greasy film.

2 weeks before

Now is the time to adjust your hair color. No radical transformation that you might regret, but a sun effect to illuminate the shine of the hair and enhance its effects and nuances. 15 days is the ideal time! The date is far enough away from the wedding that the few shampoos that separate you from the altar guarantee a natural and melted result. But the date is close enough to avoid a regrowth effect on D-Day.

10 days before

The hair is hydrated by applying a mask to the lengths and ends after each shampoo. The Phytodess hibiscus hair mask moisturizes, nourishes and protects. Its fine and melting formula, enriched with hibiscus oil, hyaluronic acid and ceramides, gives them strength, vitality and substance. Filled, the hair regains body and suppleness.

  • Beauty / makeup side

We regularly gum up our skin to eliminate impurities and promote cell renewal. The fleur de sel body scrub, a natural exfoliant, frees the skin from dead cells and smoothes roughness. Among the other ingredients of this prestigious scrub, Babassu oil provides nutrition and hydration, without leaving greasy residue on the skin and Castor oil leaves the skin soft and velvety.

72 hours before

  • Beauty / makeup side

Operation smooth skin without redness. Hair removal is done more than 48 hours before the wedding. DESSANGE beauticians will wax your body and take care of your eyebrows.

48 hours before

  • Beauty / makeup side

At home or in a DESSANGE institute, do a complete facial treatment: cleansing, exfoliation, mask. Only use products that your skin is already familiar with, to avoid redness or allergic reactions. Don’t forget your manicure and pedicure appointment set a few weeks ago.

24 hours before

Prepare your first aid kit to give to your witnesses. Imagine your worst beauty nightmare for this day and slip into this kit everything that would allow you to find a solution: anti-blister bandages, mattifying wipes, tissues, hair pins, perfume spray, foundation, lipstick … We reassure you, normally you will not even think of this kit on the big day. But knowing that it is at hand will help you to be serene. And to make a little beauty connection during the day.

Drink enough and try to go to bed early. Good wedding !

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