In terms of pricing, is Sephora or Ulta generally more affordable for makeup products?

In terms of pricing, is Sephora or Ulta generally more affordable for makeup products?

Determining which store, Sephora or Ulta, is generally more affordable for makeup products isn’t a straightforward answer. It depends on several factors, including the specific brands you’re interested in, whether you utilize their rewards programs, and the types of deals you’re looking for. Here’s what we found:

Price Comparison:

One source directly compared the prices of specific makeup products at both stores and found that, on average, products were 30% more expensive at Ulta [8]. However, this mainly applied to higher-end brands. Drugstore brands were not necessarily cheaper at Ulta.

Rewards Programs:

Both Sephora and Ulta have robust rewards programs that can significantly impact your overall spending. While Sephora offers more promotions and events for its members, Ulta’s program translates points directly into discounts, which some find more straightforward [1, 2, 9]. Ultimately, both programs offer similar benefits in terms of earning points and receiving rewards.

Product Selection:

While both stores offer a wide range of makeup brands, Ulta carries a significantly larger selection of drugstore and budget-friendly options compared to Sephora, which focuses more on prestige brands [5]. This factor could potentially make Ulta a more affordable option for those seeking less expensive products.

Discounts and Coupons:

Ulta seems to be the winner when it comes to readily available discounts. They offer coupons in weekly ads and readily available promotions, while Sephora’s discounts are less frequent and often require more effort to access [9].

Additional Considerations:

It’s important to note that both stores offer similar services, such as makeup application and skincare consultations [3]. Additionally, Sephora has a larger global presence, while Ulta primarily operates within the United States [7].

Ultimately, the best way to determine which store is more affordable for you is to compare prices on the specific products you’re interested in and factor in the benefits of each store’s rewards program and available discounts.

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