What’s the point ?

What's the point ?

What’s the point ?

Look in the mirror. Are all days bad hair days right now? Does your hair get greasy quickly, have no volume, are strewn with dandruff or even itchy enough to tear your head off? Why don’t you try exfoliating the scalp? Guaranteed effect with this hair care, we explain.

What is the point of exfoliating my scalp?

We tend to forget it because of the mass of hair that covers it, but our skull is, like the rest of our body, covered in skin. We won’t teach you anything: to be in good health, it needs to constantly regenerate. Thus, exfoliating the scalp will remove product residue, eliminate excess sebum, dead cells, dandruff… In short, it is a hair care that purifies and aerates the scalp in order to bring it softness, lightness and volume. Bye bye impurities, it makes you want, doesn’t it?

Doing this treatment regularly will allow you to find a healthy scalp. And if no one has their nose three centimeters from your head on a regular basis, we promise you that it will have a visible effect on your mane. Your hair will indeed be lighter, shinier. and will grow faster, the blood circulation having been activated in the root.

Scalp exfoliation: which products to use?

Exfoliate your scalp: a great project then. But what to do that with? Although they are less well known than body or face products, There are also commercial scalp exfoliators.. Here are some natural examples:

Scalp scrub, Belle & Bio

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Hair scrub with sea salt, Mademoiselle bio

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Anti-dandruff scalp scrub, SO’BiO étic

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Scalp Exfoliating Shampoo, Bouclème

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Know that you can also make your miracle product yourself. For it, just mix equal parts exfoliating agent (salt, sugar or coffee grounds) and a liquid agent (honey, linseed gel or vegetable oils). Here it is ready! Nothing’s easier. Now there is only.

If you have colored hair avoid salt scrubs, otherwise your dye will be damaged. Exfoliating your scalp is also not recommended for sensitive scalps.

How to do it & how often?

The miracle treatment is yours! But you still have to handle it well… Apply your special scalp exfoliator to wet hair as a shampoo when you are in the shower. Then massage your skull gently with your fingertips by performing small circular movements. Rinse and continue your hair routine as usual. The healing effects will appear soon.

Note however that this type of treatment should be used sparingly. Flaunting your exfoliator seven days a week is absolutely out of the question. (there is, by the way, no question of washing your hair every day as a reminder). On average, it is advisable to perform a hair scrub once or twice a week if you really feel the need.

You now know everything about this hair care, as little known as it is useful. It’s up to you to use it wisely!

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