Do you get both BoxyCharm and BoxyLuxe?

Do you get both BoxyCharm and BoxyLuxe?

How do I get both BoxyLuxe and BoxyCharm Premium? First, be an active Charmer and subscribe to BoxyCharm Premium under the same account. Second, have a BoxyCharm subscription and upgrade to BoxyLuxe in the Luxe months of March, June, September and December.

Also, Can I only get BoxyCharm premium?

Yes! ♡ Since BoxyCharm Premium is a separate subscription from BoxyCharm (not an upgrade to the subscription like Luxe is), you can sign up for both subscriptions using the same account and receive a Base box AND a Premium box in the same month.

Likewise, What’s the difference between BoxyCharm and BoxyLuxe? BoxyLuxe comes with extra advantages that you can never experience with the regular BoxyCharm subscription. … Also, BoxyLuxe has extra additional care for your skin something you don’t get to experience in the BoxyCharm subscription. It also comes with unique lifestyle products.

Actually What months do you get BoxyLuxe?

BoxyLuxe will be delivered in March, June, September, and December. During these months, you’ll be billed an additional $24.99 to your monthly $25 Boxycharm payment. The BoxyLuxe box is 4X the box size as the normal BoxyCharm box.

How long is BoxyCharm premium waitlist?

48 hours. You need to be on the Luxe waitlist within 48 hours from being billed for the Base option. If you join the Luxe waitlist after 48 hours of being billed for Base, you become eligible for a Luxe starter box.

What’s the difference between BoxyCharm and BoxyCharm premium?

Since BoxyCharm Premium is a separate subscription from BoxyCharm (not an upgrade to the subscription like Luxe is), you can subscribe to both Base and Premium at the same time, on the same account, and receive different product variations in each box. *Taxes and shipping may apply.

How many items do you get in BoxyCharm?

BoxyCharm subscribers receive a monthly Boxy, that contains 5 full-sized items for $25 a month.

How often does BoxyLuxe come?

BoxyLuxe will be delivered to you on a quarterly basis and will contain 8+ items while BoxyCharm Premium reviews say the box contains 6 to 7 items and is sent monthly.

Can I skip a month BoxyCharm?

We currently do not offer the option to skip a month. If you would like to pause your subscription to skip a box, you would have to cancel your subscription and then re-subscribe once you are ready to continue receiving boxes. We hope this helps!

How many items come in the BoxyLuxe?

The new BoxyLuxe is an upgrade to the regular Boxycharm subscriptions. Boxes are $24.99/quarter and come with 11 items.

Does BoxyCharm have a waitlist?

The BoxyCharm Premium Waitlist is only available for Active members. If you successfully come off the Waitlist, you will be charged $25** for that month’s BoxyCharm and $35** for that month’s BoxyCharm Premium. … You will receive separate tracking emails for your BoxyCharm and your BoxyCharm Premium.

Can you cancel BoxyCharm and keep premium?

You will be able to cancel either your BoxyCharm or BoxyCharm Premium anytime by clicking “My Account” and then “Account Preferences”.

How much is the Luxe box?

Luxe Box is a quarterly beauty box curated by the same people behind Topbox. The box is $26 with free shipping and is sent out every three months.

How many items do you get in BoxyCharm premium?

BoxyCharm Premium is a monthly subscription box that features 6 full-size beauty products for only $35* a month. Compare subscription boxes.

How much is BoxyCharm monthly?

On a month-to-month subscription plan, the BoxyCharm subscription is $25.00 per month plus any applicable taxes and shipping costs. We also offer 3, 6, and 12-month prepaid options that offer savings.

What is BoxyCharm premium?

BoxyCharm Premium is a monthly subscription box that features 6 full-size beauty products for only $35* a month. Compare subscription boxes. Curious about BoxyCharm Premium and don’t want to sacrifice your OG BoxyCharm subscription.

How do I know what I am getting in BoxyCharm?

How do I see my tracking information on my account?

  1. Log in to your BoxyCharm account at
  2. Click “My Account” on the black horizontal menu bar at the top of the page to toggle the dropdown menu. …
  3. Select My Items from the dropdown menu.

Where is BoxyCharm shipped from?

Where Does BoxyCharm Ship From? BoxyCharm ships from its shipping facilities in Florida, Connecticut, and Georgia. The origin of your package will depend on inventory and location. Packages sent to locations in the U.S. are sent via FedEx SmartPost.

Do you keep everything in BoxyCharm?

How Does BoxyCharm Work? BoxyCharm sends a box to customers monthly. Each box contains five beauty items. Impressively, the items enclosed in your Boxy subscription are full-sized and inclusive of skincare products, beauty tools, makeup and colour cosmetics.

What’s the difference between IPSY and BoxyCharm?

The major difference between the two boxes is that Ipsy sends sample-sized items for $10 per month while Boxycharm subscription box sends full sizes for just over twice the price, at $21 per month.

How much is BoxyCharm for a year?

Annual Membership: Prepay $275 for a full year of BoxyCharm ($22.92/month)

Can you get a refund on BoxyCharm?

BoxyCharm does not offer refunds, returns, or exchanges, but we’ll always do our best to help with any concerns that come up during your subscription. Please reach out to our Support team to see how we can help. For more information about our replacement policy, please click here.

How do I access BoxyCharm choice?

While logged in to your account, click the Choice banner on the homepage to access the Choice page. Click “CHOOSE THIS” under the item you want to receive. If shade options are available, click your preferred shade first. Note: if an item or shade is sold out, the “CHOOSE THIS” button will be gray and unclickable.

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