How can Sephora address concerns raised by the “Sephora kids” trend?

How can Sephora address concerns raised by the “Sephora kids” trend?

The “Sephora kids” trend, referring to young children, particularly preteens, shopping at Sephora for makeup and skincare products, has sparked debate and concern [2, 3, 5]. While Sephora doesn’t have age restrictions on most products (except for waxing services for children under 12) [1], some argue that the store should implement them or require parental supervision due to concerns about young girls being exposed to and potentially misusing products designed for adults [8]. Others believe education on proper product use and suitability is a better approach [4, 10]. Experts also highlight the ineffectiveness and potential harm of “anti-aging” products for young skin [9]. Ultimately, the responsibility lies with parents to guide their children’s beauty product use and navigate the influence of social media trends [3, 7].

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