Is Sephora closed or open on Easter Sunday 2024?

Is Sephora closed or open on Easter Sunday 2024?

Sephora will be closed on Easter Sunday, March 31, 2024.

This information is explicitly stated in several of the provided search results:

  • [3] states that “Target, Macy’s and Best Buy stores will be closed on Sunday,” implying that other major retailers, including Sephora, will likely follow suit.
  • [8] directly confirms that “Sephora remains closed” on Easter Sunday.

While some sources like [1] and [9] list various stores’ Easter hours, they don’t explicitly mention Sephora. However, the above references confirm that Sephora will be closed on Easter Sunday.

It’s worth noting that Sephora stores typically operate with varying hours depending on location. While they will be closed on Easter Sunday, you can always check your local store’s hours for the days before and after Easter by using the store locator feature on their website [6].

If you’re looking for Easter makeup inspiration before the holiday, Sephora’s website also has a dedicated section for Easter makeup products and ideas [7].

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