Where is the location of Il Makiage’s business office?

Where is the location of Il Makiage’s business office?

Where in the World is Il Makiage HQ?

Intrigued by the bold colors and personalized approach of Il Makiage? Wondering where this innovative beauty brand calls home? Let’s dive in and find out where their business office is located.

Short Answer:

Il Makiage’s main business office is located in New York City, specifically at 110 Greene St., 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10012.

More Details:

Multiple sources confirm the New York City location as Il Makiage’s headquarters:

  • The “Contact Us” section of the official Il Makiage website lists the 110 Greene St. address for inquiries regarding their terms and conditions [1]
  • The Better Business Bureau also lists this address as the location for Il Makiage’s business [5]
  • Additionally, Il Makiage’s Facebook pages for both their global brand and US-specific branch mention New York City as their base [8][9]

While Il Makiage has expanded its reach internationally, with online services and even brick-and-mortar stores in various countries, their central operations and decision-making remain rooted in the heart of New York City.

Final Thoughts:

Knowing the location of a company’s headquarters can be helpful for a variety of reasons, whether you’re interested in career opportunities, seeking to understand their brand identity, or simply curious about their global presence. Now you can confidently pinpoint Il Makiage’s home base in the bustling metropolis of New York City!

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