Does Il Makiage provide free shipping for orders to Canada?

Does Il Makiage provide free shipping for orders to Canada?

Does Il Makiage Offer Free Shipping to Canada?

So you’re interested in Il Makiage’s bold and innovative makeup, but you’re wondering about the shipping costs to Canada? It’s a valid question, especially with international shipping fees sometimes adding a hefty sum to your purchase. Let’s dive in and see what we can find out.

Short Answer:

No, Il Makiage does not offer free shipping to Canada. However, they do offer affordable shipping options for Canadian customers.

Detailed Answer:

While Il Makiage provides free shipping for all U.S. orders [1], shipping to Canada incurs a flat fee. The standard shipping cost for Canadian orders is $9.99 [7]. However, if you opt for their “Try Before You Buy” program, the shipping fee is slightly reduced to $7.95 [2].

It’s important to note that even though Il Makiage doesn’t offer free shipping to Canada, their shipping fees are quite reasonable compared to many other international brands. Additionally, several customers have reported positive experiences with Il Makiage’s shipping to Canada, mentioning reasonable delivery times and accurate product selection through the website [5].

If you’re still unsure about the shipping costs or have other questions, you can always contact Il Makiage’s customer service directly. They’re known for their helpful and responsive team, and they’ll be happy to assist you.

Final Thoughts:

While free shipping is always a bonus, Il Makiage’s affordable shipping fees and positive customer reviews show that getting their products delivered to Canada shouldn’t be a major hurdle. Remember, you can always explore their “Try Before You Buy” option to save a couple of dollars on shipping while testing out their products. So go ahead, explore the world of Il Makiage and find the perfect makeup to express your unique personality!

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